Monday, February 17, 2014

We are adopting!

Hi! Welcome! I am assuming you are here because you read my big Facebook announcement. is true. We have started the process of international adoption.  We are planning on adopting two boys 0-4 years old. This might sound crazy given the fact that we already have two boys age 3 and almost 2. Yes...I understand that by the time the children come home I will most likely have four boys ages 5 and under. What can I say...we like rough and tumble, dirt, dinosaurs and if I don't step on a Thomas the Train at least once then my day just isn't complete.
So yeah...we are super excited and kind of freaking out. This is a life altering decision and not something that we have entered into lightly. I will be posting more about the process and how we reached this decision in the future.
We wanted to start a blog so friends and family could keep up with our progress. I am going to try to keep this blog 90% adoption related but some of our daily lives might leak through. We welcome any questions, advice, or support. We would love for you to follow and be apart of our journey.

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